Apartment Moving

hidden challenges of Apartment Moving

Apartment Moving

Apartment moving may appear simple on the surface, but there are often hidden challenges.

Large items can be difficult to get into and out of narrow hallways and staircases, and any damage to the property can result in charges from the landlord.

Strong Brothers Movers takes pride in providing the most efficient apartment moving experience, no matter what type of apartment you are moving into or out of!

Time Constraints

Moving apartments can also be stressful when there is a time constraint involved - your old apartment is being taken on the first of the month, but you haven't been able to move into your new place until then! We move fast and get the job done in time.

Fitting Stuff

Moving from a house to an apartment brings with it the issue of "stuff" - you are likely to have more stuff than you have space for in your new apartment, so the question is whether to store it or cram it all in.

We can fit the stuff you need expertly in your new apartment and store the remaining in a storage facility of your choosing.

Hidden Challenges Of Apartment Moving

Helpful Tips

Whatever your circumstances, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when moving to a new apartment:

  • Measure everything! Make sure your furniture will fit through the apartment door, all interior doors, and all hallways.
  • Pack a little every day. Don't wait until the last minute.
  • If you label boxes with the room they belong in, you'll save time and frustration when you start unpacking.
  • Pack essentials in a separate suitcase so they're not mixed up with the rest and can be found easily.

Verified Reviews

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Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan

After being ghosted by our original movers The morning of our move and scrounging to find somebody else to move our heavy equipment, strong brothers was the only one that we could find to help us at such late notice. They extended their workday to start to at 6:30pm, ultimately to finish at 11:30pm. These guys are angels! They are reliable and careful and showed up. That’s hard to find these days

Ed Martin

Ed Martin

These two men, led by Hercules, (you wouldn't believe what he could lift", were very careful and yet efficient, meaning they got the work done in good time. We have a huge entertainment center, and somehow, one of the shelves got left on their truck. We called as soon as we noticed it, and "HERCULES" personally delivered it to us after work. This was all so much better than I expected. The wife and I highly recommend these folks.

Moving Resources

We want your move to be easy & stress-free, no matter the type of move, distance, or size. So we've created several resources to help you move more efficiently. We hope you use these solutions when using our services wherever life takes you.

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