Moving Checklist

timeline based checklist

Packing Checklist
Coordination is essential for a smooth move. Even if you know what you need to do, you may not know when you should do it.
Avoid scrambling at the last minute or worse, doing certain things too early, which can prevent you from using cable or Internet services in your current home.
Having a moving checklist with a timeline here is helpful.
We recommend the following breakdown:
Three Months Before Moving
  • Sell, donate, Give & Throw away unwanted items
  • Start Collecting Packing Supplies
  • Create A Plan & a Moving Budget
One Month Before Moving
  • Notify Utility Companies, Bank & Insurance, etc
  • Start collecting boxes
  • Think about any new furniture you'll need
Three Weeks Before Moving
  • Start Packing or hire packers
  • Rent your truck
  • Think about any new furniture you'll need
One Week Before Moving
  • Start cleaning your old place
  • Start removing all trash
  • Clean & prepare your new place
Packing Checklist
One Day Before Moving
  • Label  & Organize Boxes
  • Secure Your Valuables
  • Save Parking for Moving Truck
Moving Day
  • Sit back and let us do the moving
  • walk through & Make a final check
One Day After Moving
  • Check your utilities
  • Install Appliances
  • Unpack & Set up essentials
One Week After Moving
  • Make sure you are getting mail
  • Recycle Packing materials

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Joseph Hudson

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