Employee Relocation

Relocating your foundation

Emloyee Relocation

You can rely on our employee relocation services to get your employees moved, unloaded, unpacked, and ready before their first day of work at their new location. We know that when you relocate your company's offices or corporate headquarters, you also have to relocate its foundation. Complete relocation is a big change, so you should have your employee's home moved, unloaded, and unpacked before the first day of work at their new location.

We will work with you and your employees every step of the way until your office is fully operational again. Our full-service packing, and unpacking will streamline your employee relocation, so everyone is back to business in no time.

What can you expect

  • Manage Your Cost: Many companies provide employees with money to use for relocation and it's more important than ever to make your money go as far as possible. We keep costs low to help you with many saving options.
  • Prepare Effectively: There are so many things to do before moving. Make sure you don't overlook anything. Use our moving checklist to keep track of everything before moving.
  • Plan Ahead: There can be endless things to schedule when relocating. Installing utilities, making repairs, and cleaning are just a few of the chores that surround you. Get as much done before you move in. This way, you don't need to leave the office for all these appointments and tasks.
Emloyee Relocation

Recommended services

We will assist your employees with their household move and do our part to recommend services that satisfy both you and your employees, while minimizing downtime and costs.

Our Employee Relocation Services include:

  • Full-Service Packing & Unpacking
  • Moving Box Discounts
  • Background-Checked, Drug-Tested Crew
  • Furniture Moving
  • Appliance Relocation
  • And much more!

Verified Reviews

Google Reviews
Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams

We had Ricardo and Jose help us after calling last minute to get a move scheduled. Not only did they make time for us on such short notice but the move was so fast and convenient as well as affordable! We had a variety of things needing to be moved from our one bedroom apartment to our new home and it was done from start to finish in two hours. We were so impressed we will be using Strong Brothers from here on out!

Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan

After being ghosted by our original movers THE MORNING OF our move and scrounging to find somebody else to move our heavy equipment, strong brothers was the only one that we could find to help us at such late notice. They extended their workday to start to at 6:30pm, ultimately to finish at 11:30pm. These guys are angels! They are reliable and careful and showed up. That’s hard to find these days

Moving Resources

We want your move to be easy & stress-free, no matter the type of move, distance, or size. So we've created several resources to help you move more efficiently. We hope you use these solutions when using our services wherever life takes you.

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