Office Moving

Minimize Office Moving Downtime

Office Moving

When it comes to office moving, time is money. We know how important it is to move a business efficiently, whether it's one office or the whole building.

To ensure your move runs as smoothly as possible, we'll tailor a schedule just for you. When necessary, we can even work evenings and weekends to minimize downtime and restore operations as quickly as possible.

The Office Moving Process

We arrange the details of the move directly with you. Here's how we move offices:

  • Quote: Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide an estimate.
  • Walkthrough: We will schedule a walkthrough at both locations after the initial call or email exchange. We will discuss any unique challenges to iron out logistics so that your daily operations aren't disrupted.
  • Packing: Typically, most businesses have us drop off boxes at each location and have their employees pack up their own contents; then we transfer the boxes to the new office.
  • Labeling: Boxes and furniture are labeled according to the new office floor plan. This allows for easy set up at the destination.
  • Moving: We transport your boxes, furniture, and equipment to your new office and arrange it for you.
  • Unpacking: We can also handle the unboxing and furniture setup to get your employees back to work as soon as possible.
Office Moving

Internal Moving & Relocation

We can move your office completely or relocate furniture or equipment within the building. We can also assist with packing and unpacking or with junk removal for items your business no longer needs. We’re here to make your life easier.

Our Approach Is Systematic

We are trained to move business equipment, furniture, and sensitive business documents quickly and safelyminimizing your risks while organizing, planning, and executing your office move.

We will work with you to minimize the disruption to your business. We recommend working with us several months in advance.

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Stephen Bivens

Stephen Bivens

Moved my 50 million pound printer upstairs into my apartment. This thing is 4 feet tall and 74 inches wide. Not a mark in it. Amazing job!

Cynthia Santiesteban

Cynthia Santiesteban

I highly recommend this company. They did a wonderful job and Adan was awesome.

Moving Resources

We want your move to be easy & stress-free, no matter the type of move, distance, or size. So we've created several resources to help you move more efficiently. We hope you use these solutions when using our services wherever life takes you.

simple and easy.

If you're all set, we're ready to get you moving.